Panel 2 – Theatre in the Third Wave

Theatre in the Third Wave panel Tuesday, October 12, 7-8:30 PM ET, will feature Deb Margolin, Carmelita Tropicana, Marga Gomez, and Moe Angelos of Five Lesbian Brothers, moderated by Professor Alisa Solomon, Columbia University.

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Carmelita Tropicana (Alina Troyano)

She, Her, Hers

Carmelita Tropicana can be a beast. In the past, she has been a horse, pig and even a bear. In short, we can describe Alina Troyano’s performance persona, Carmelita Tropicana, as a queer assemblage… This queer assemblage is always becoming.” José Esteban Muñoz 2013 Performing the Bestiary: Carmelita Tropicana’s “With What Ass Does the Cockroach Sit? / Con Que Culo se Sienta la Cucaracha?”

Learn more at carmelitatropicana.com or soundcloud.com/carmelitatropicana

Deb Margolin

Founding member: Split Britches Theater Company (1980 – 1993)
Sher, Her, Hers

Photo credit: Dante Olivia Smith.
Photo Title: Good Morning Anita Hill Its Ginny Thomas I Just Wanted To Reach Across The Airwaves And The Years And Ask You To Consider Something I Would Love You To Consider An Apology Sometime And Some Full Explanation Of Why You Did What You Did With My Husband So Give It Some Thought And Certainly Pray About This And Come To Understand Why You Did What You Did Okay Have A Good Day.

I am a playwright in love with the intersection of the human body and the failure of spoken language. My work always explores the interstitial, the quotidian, the tiny moments of which life is actually comprised. I feel that it is a radical act always for a woman to stand onstage, particularly women of color, women of size, women of age. When the lights come up and a woman is just standing there, it is a quiet, profound, ravishingly beautiful hell that is breaking loose.

Learn more at

https://www.debmargolin.com/music or

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjzNae7oyac or


Marga Gomez

She, They

I  teach and perform solo autobiographical pieces that mix humor and conflict. Independent Solo Performer but I am an Artist-In-Residence at Brava Theatre a feminist non-profit theater in San Francisco.

Learn more at www.margagomez.com and youtube.com/margagomezcomedy

Moe Angelos

Five Lesbian Brothers, 1988-present & WOW Cafe, 1981-present
She, Her

Photo credit: Susie Page
Five Lesbian Brothers. (left to right: Babs Davy, Moe Angelos, Peg Healey, Dominique Dibbell, Lisa Kron)

Moe Angelos is a theatre artist and writer. She’s one of the OBIE-Award winning Five Lesbian Brothers and has been a member of the Wow Café Theater since 1981. She works with The Builders Association, making media-infused performances that have toured all over the parts of universe that are accessible to non-billionaires. She has collaborated with many downtown NYC luminaries including Lisa Kron, Jess Dobkin, Anne Bogart, Lois Weaver, Kate Stafford, Carmelita Tropicana, Brooke O’Harra, Half Straddle, New Georges and The Ridiculous Theatrical Company. She has been a mentor in Queer/Art/Mentorship and in Toronto, her work has been presented at FADO Centre for Performance Art and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. She is currently at work developing an online/live piece with the Builders about clickworkers called I Agree to the Terms. During Covid-19, she’s appeared on Zoom, Twitch and Streamyard.

Learn more at www.facebook.com/the5LBs/ and thebuildersassociation.org

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